Welcome to Tiskita Jungle Lodge

Tiskita Jungle Lodge, the best kept secret in Costa Rica, is an ecolodge that offers the opportunity to experience pristine tropical rainforest in its 800 acre private biological reserve. Tiskita is about as remote as one can get, located at the end of the road on the secluded southwest coast of Costa Rica.

There are nine private cabins set against a lush jungle and the Pacific Ocean.

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Ecolodge & Private Biological Reserve

Besides an ecolodge, Tiskita is a private biological reserve. The biological reserve protects primary and secondary tropical rainforest. It is home to plenty of wildlife, with over 275 species of birds recorded and a myriad of other animals, including endangered endemic species like the Central American Squirrel Monkey and the Granular Poison-dart Frog.

Tiskita also has an organic orchard, where over 125 types of tropical fruit are accessible.

Why Choose Tiskita

  • More than 30 years of experience in ecotourism
  • Small-scale, family-run ecolodge
  • Experience a tropical rainforest in comfort
  • Rainforest and beach at only a 5 minute walk
  • Part of the Golfo Dulce area biodiversity hotspot
  • Excellent birdwatching and wildlife viewing
  • Many outdoor activities
  • Involved in conservation and community development
  • Free WiFi

Free Art Lesson

img_038For art lovers, between January 10th and February 1st, there is one free art lesson included in any package of three or more days, by art teacher André van Melle.

Max 12 people. Every 2 Read more

Yoga Eco-Adventure Retreat Package

Experience the beauty and serenity of Costa Rica’s rainforest, enjoying an inspiring yoga retreat in the sunny Pacific beach of Punta Banco, Pavones!

Hosted at TISKITA JUNGLE LODGE, you will be seduced by the swaying palm trees, lush jungle, warm Pacific beaches, and an array of monkeys, toucans, macaws, sloths and abundance of healthy food, two daily yoga classes, combined with eco-adventure activities!

An unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling energized, alive, relaxed and rejuvenated (read more…)

Go horseback riding along deserted beaches (read more…)

Which tropical bird(s) would you like to see? (read more…)

Tiskita is also a Private Biological Reserve (read more…)

The birding is stupendous

National Geographic Traveller

Surely the ultimate escape-from-it-all lodge in Costa Rica