A Tribute to Tiskita

A guest was inspired while visiting us here at Tiskita and wrote a poem about the beauty that we have to offer here. He wanted to share it with everyone and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!

May you find inspiration wherever life takes you.

A Tribute to Tiskita

By Laughlin McDonald, written during a trip to Tiskita, Costa Rica, in January 2015

Tiskita, on the Rich Coast known as Costa Rica,

You are another world, apart from the mundane

And plowed lands from which many of us have come.

Embraced by the great pulsating Pacific ocean,

You are home to thriving swamps and forests, and

Countless plants and flowers of stunning beauty.

And you are home to a vast array of birds, mammals,

Amphibians, butterflies, reptiles, and fish. But it is

Not the numbers that so move us but the energy and

Vibrance and richness of your animal and plant worlds


Each morning when we awake we are taken into the

Life of the country. The clear, golden sun spreads its

Light across the sea and land, and the howler monkeys

Raise a cacophony of sound, joined by the birds in

Their shrill and beautiful songs. We know the birds

And animals speak to each other as we do – of love,

Of fear, of joy, of hopes.


The plants and trees overwhelm the country, and

Their passion for growth is evident from their green

Intensity, the profusion of flowers richly colored and

Intricately designed, the spread of the fig vines, the

Ever waiving palms, and the bananas, wild cherries

And blueberries. But these plants and trees have a

Life beyond simple growth, and that is evident from

The walking-palm which understands that it is

Necessary to move closer to the sun to enhance life.


The plants and trees do not speak in the way that birds

And animals do, but they are not dumb as rocks and stones.

Their vibrant growth shows they have an inner consciousness

And enjoy the world in which they live.


Tiskita, the Rich Coast, we celebrate you and your abundant life!