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Tiskita is one of Costa Rica's first ecolodges. It is a family-run business, owned and managed by Peter Aspinall, his wife Lisbeth, and their children.

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Ecolodge & Private Biological Reserve

Peter built himself a home while reforesting large sections of land with native tree species and tropical fruit trees. In the 1970s, when Peter first arrived in the area, what is now Tiskita was a mix of pasture and rainforest.

Over the years, Peter and Lisbeth established Tiskita; an ecolodge, a private biological reserve, and an organic orchard. They have dedicated more than three decades to conservation.

Private Biological Reserve

Organic Orchard

Tropical Fruit Farm

Peter was born in Costa Rica. From a young age on, he has been interested in planting and cultivating trees. After studying horticulture, he searched for the perfect spot for a tropical fruit farm, which he found in southwest Costa Rica by the Golfo Dulce, just across the Osa Peninsula.

Tiskita’s organic orchard has over 125 types of native and exotic tropical fruit.


The first cabins were built in the 1980s to accommodate friends and family. The runway was constructed for Peter’s mother who is a pilot. Until the late 1990s, the local dirt roads weren’t well developed yet, and there was no electricity. To get to Tiskita by land meant waiting for the low tide to cross rivers.

Gradually, Tiskita received more visitors who wanted to experience the tropical rainforest. Cabins were added, and what used to be the family home turned into the lodge.

During the 1980s, Tiskita became an ecolodge, one of the first in Costa Rica. Presently, there are nine private cabins with a total of 17 rooms. Since the 1980s, Tiskita has shared its natural wonders with many new and returning guests.


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