There are nine private cabins with a total of 17 rooms. The cabins are scattered around the lodge. Each cabin is fringed by the jungle and has an ocean view.

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The cabins feature:

  • Screened-in room
  • Ceiling fan
  • Orthopedic mattress(es)
  • Bathroom with hot water
  • Shaded deck
  • Lounging chairs and hammock(s)

The cabins were built using precious woods like Mahogany, Purpleheart, and Rosewood. The wood was collected over the years mostly from trees that fell down in Tiskita.

All cabins are only a few minutes walk away from the lodge, the rainforest, and the beach.

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The cabins are spread out around the lodge and landscaped to ensure privacy. Tiskita’s small number of cabins also helps to ensure privacy.


Each cabin is surrounded by trees that attract birds, butterflies, monkeys, and other wildlife, making the cabins’ decks often one of the best spots to relax and watch the wildlife go by.

Cabin Categories

Standard Cabins

Howler Cabin 1-2- 3: Large shared porch with a small gap between rooms (no adjoining walls). Ocean views and rainforest views to the side. Electric hot water heaters.

Toucan Cabin 10-11- 12-13: Rooms have adjoining walls and a large shared porch with ample ocean views and rainforest views to the side. Solar hot water.

Tyra Cabin 14: Standalone cabin with a rainforest and fruit tree view. Solar hot water.

Family Cabins

Black Iguana Cabin 4-5: Adjoining walls, large deck, large rooms with a Queen bed and two twin beds, enclosed bathrooms. Wheelchair accesible cabin. Ocean view. Close to the Yoga deck. Solar hot water.

Kinkajou Cabin 6: Standalone cabin. Large inside room with a Queen bed and two twin beds. Small deck in front with partial ocean/rainforest view. Very private down a flight of steps. Close to the yoga deck.

Titi Cabin 8-9: Perfect for families with older children. Room 8 has a Queen bed and Room 9 has two Twin beds. Great porch with ocean views and rainforest views to the side. Close to the yoga deck.

Armadillo Cabin 15-16: Great for families, Room 16 has a Queen bed and Room 15 has 3 Twin beds. Large porch with a rainforest view all around. Keeps cool in the afternoon. Solar hot water.

Suite Cabins

Agouti Cabin 7: Very private with a great ocean view. Rainforest and fruit tree views to the side. Close to the rainforest trail. King size bed and large room. Electric water heater.

Jaguarundi Cabin 17: Very private with a large room. King size bed and Twin bed. Ocean views and partial rainforest views. Solar hot water.

Private Biological Reserve

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