Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer to your question(s)? Please send us an email or call our office at +(506) 2296-8125, from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, Central Standard Time.

Contact & Reservations


Tiskita offers a range of activities.

It is recommended to have a rough idea of the activities you think you would like to do for sure. Send us an email and we will let the lodge know you will probably want to do some of them. However, final scheduling is best done directly at the lodge. That way you can factor in the weather and how you feel at the time; you might just want to read in your hammock!

Payment for these activities can be done directly at the lodge with cash, credit card or personal cheque.

Bird list

Does Tiskita have a bird list?

Yes, here it is:

Bird List

Cabin arrangement

We have several cabins that are completely private, one room cabins. We also have larger cabins which have several rooms. Regardless, all rooms are very private and have their own bathroom. The larger cabins with multiple rooms share a large porch.



A flashlight, a hat, sunscreen, light weight or fast drying clothing, and good hiking shoes (closed) are some of the essentials to take to Tiskita. More information can be found on our Weather & What to Take page.


Tiskita offers family-style dining. It is also possible to sit by yourself. We understand that people come on vacation to spend time together and relax. Although we love to host you as a family, we always set tables separate from the main group table and leave it up to you to decide on seating.


There are several ways to pay for your stay and transport at Tiskita. If you are in the USA you can send us a cheque to our Florida address, or you can easily pay through PayPal. If you are in Europe the easiest and least fees is through PayPal. It is also possible to do a wire transfer to our bank account in Costa Rica but the transaction fees tend to be too high. When paying through PayPal you do not need to have a PayPal account, just a Credit Card.

For activities at the lodge you can pay directly at the lodge with cash, credit card or personal cheque.

Roads to Tiskita

There are two main routes to get to Tiskita. Personally, we prefer the coastal highway, better roads and easier driving. From San Jose you take the new highway 37 down to the coast, then join the coastal highway which is new to Palmar Norte. Here it continues as the Pan-American highway, paved and in good condition until Rio Claro de Golfito. From here its a gravel road which during the dry season is ok and during the rainy season can get bad, down to the coast and Tiskita.

In total the trip takes around seven to eight hours. Let us know if you are driving as we have maps and directions available, as well, most rentals now come with GPS which can locate us.

Special diets

Special diets are easily accommodated. Let us know with time if you need/prefer a special diet and we will gladly accommodate you. Tiskita’s food is cooked in a healthy way, using fresh vegetables and meat sourced locally as much as possible. We do not have a professional chef but rather pride ourselves in giving those jobs to community members who have a talent for cooking and as such provide employment in the community.

Swimming beach

There is a swimming beach right in front of the lodge, a short 5-minute walk away. It is also possible to go snorkeling. The closest tide pools are about a 15-minute walk down the beach.

Transport options look complicated! Help!

We have summarized all the transport options the best way possible. Please ask us to explain anything that is unclear. Tiskita is farther away than most places but having a private airstrip and newer/better roads make it an accessible place. Most transport options are flexible and can be customized depending on where you are coming from, where you are going to, and your budget.

How to Get to Tiskita

Travelers’ health

We are in the jungle! We have not had any issues with malaria, yellow fever, or dengue ourselves or our guests. There are relatively few mosquitoes and bugs around (something about being on a bluff with plenty of breeze) but by all means pack insect repellent if you feel you need it or just to be safe. Talk to your doctor if you are worried, but this area of the country does not currently have any of those diseases.


We debated whether to install WiFi and asked guests for feedback, some would love it, others say they come to get away and no WiFi means no temptation to check up on everyday things. We caved in and recently installed it on the main lodge only, the cabins do not have it. We do not have a shared computer as computers do not last if they are left outside with the sea salt and humidity.