Horseback Riding

Tiskita has its own horses and offers guided horseback riding. A horseback riding trail loops through Tiskita Biological Reserve offering spectacular views of the Golfo Dulce.

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Horses & Rides

The horses are well-trained, experience is not necessary.

Rides offered:

  • Tiskita Biological Reserve
  • Beach ride
  • Ride to Pavones
  • Conte Burica Indigenous Reserve
  • Custom ride

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Tiskita Biological Reserve

The horseback trail that loops through Tiskita takes about three hours. Most of the trail is in the rainforest, and Tiskita’s horseback riding guide Paulo usually spots monkeys, sloths, macaws, or other wildlife along the way. When the tide is right, a section of beach can be included on the way back.

Beach Ride

The most popular beach ride we offer is to Rio Coco. Rio Coco is a coconut-fringed river that flows out of a rainforest valley, into the ocean. The river marks more or less the start of the Conte Burica Indigenous Reserve. It takes about an hour and a half to get there, and it is a great place for a swim.

The paradise-like beach is typically very quiet, you may be the only person there.

Ride to Pavones

Another beach ride is to go to Pavones, the small surf town a few kilometers north from Tiskita. Along this beach ride you may see the locals fishing and surfing. When there is a good swell in Pavones, you can watch surfers from all over the world ride the famous wave. Pavones also has some small restaurants and shops.

Conte Burica Indigenous Reserve

This five hour ride starts out like the ride to Rio Coco (see above). From Rio Coco the trail cuts right through the rainforest (for the experienced or adventurous rider only), after which it winds through a mix of rainforest and pasture with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the Golfo Dulce.

Although part of the ride is in the indigenous reserve, the reserve is only sparsely populated, so a chance to meet the locals, and buy local crafts, would have to be arranged specifically.

Custom Ride

For the horseback riding fan we can put together longer, custom rides as well. Please contact us in advance if you are particularly interested in a horseback riding vacation.

Horse Retirement

When Tiskita’s horses get too old to work, they retire and spend the rest of their lives in Tiskita’s horse pasture.

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