Night Tour

Join Mario for our unique night tour! The highlight of the tour is the jungle frog pools, where, with a bit of luck, the Red-eyed Tree Frog can be spotted, calling, mating, or just hanging out.

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Nocturnal Creatures

Many secretive creatures like Kinkajous, most owls, Pacas, armadillos, and porcupines are active only after dusk. At night, these animals come out to forage and mate. Tree frogs are active, insects and arachnids lurk around, while bio-luminescent mushrooms glow eerily in the dark.

The night tour is offered depending on the moon cycle, because the moon has an effect on animal activity.

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Tiskita’s night tour guide has a black light to look for scorpions. Rubber boots and walking sticks are available at the lodge, free of charge.

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