Organic Orchard

The organic orchard is a ten-minute walk away from the lodge. It is located in a small valley surrounded by the rainforest.

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Organic Tropical Fruit

Peter Aspinall, Tiskita’s owner, collected over 125 types of tropical fruit in the orchard from within Costa Rica, and from around the world. Some of the fruit is used in the kitchen of the lodge.

The organic orchard has many trails to explore. The mix of fruit trees, shrubs, and rainforest attracts all kinds of wildlife making it difficult for us to get to the sweetest fruit first!


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Types of Tropical Fruit

The collection has many well known types of tropical fruit, including Mango, Starfruit, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Banana, Guava, Grapefruit, Sweet Lemon, Lime and Oranges. Less widely known types of tropical fruit are, for example, Jackfruit, Mangosteen, and South American Sapote.

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