Tiskita’s closest Indigenous Territory

Early morning horseback ride to the Gnobe Territory

Early morning horseback ride to the Gnobe Territory

In Costa Rican territory there are 8 Indigenous Peoples that are recognized: Cabécares, Bribris, Ngöbes, Térrabas, Borucas o Brunkas, Huetares, Malekus and Chorotegas. Tiskita is closest to the Territorio Indigena Conte-Burica part of the Ngobe peoples’ 5 territories in Costa Rica.

Southern Costa Rica's Indigenous Territories

Southern Costa Rica’s Indigenous Territories

Their language is Ngabere and is still widely used today as well as being taught in schools. The Ngobe culture is very rich in its expression. One can clearly see it in the construction of their traditional homes (in areas that are still forested) as well as in the art. Their woven hats are very intricate and the women’s dresses very colorful. Although they use readily available fabrics the style and form of their dresses remains very traditional (PERFIL DE LOS PUEBLOS INDÍGENAS DE COSTA RICA, Berger & Vargas, 2000).

Ngobe sprirituality is still present in the community as is the figure of the curandero or healer. Who has vast knowledge of plants and treats a wide variety of ailments. One lives aprox 3hrs walk from Tiskita inland and is used by indigenous people as well as non-indigenous campesinos.

We have also been working closely with our friends from the Wild Macaw Association who are offering a unique tour which takes guests close to the Territory and monitor the scarlet macaws who have ventured further into the forests there.

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